#1 Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American sequential executioner who ended the lives of 17 guys somewhere in the range of 1978 and 1991. Through the span of over 13 years, Dahmer searched out men, for the most part African American, at gay bars, shopping centers and transport stops, attracted them home with guarantees of cash or sex, and gave them liquor bound with drugs before choking them to death. He would then take part in sex acts with the cadavers before eviscerating them and discarding them, regularly keeping their skulls or private parts as trinkets. He much of the time took photographs of his casualties at different phases of the homicide procedure, so he could recall each demonstration a short time later and remember the experience.

Dahmer was caught in 1991 and condemned to 16 life terms. He was slaughtered by individual jail detainee Christopher Scarver in 1994.

#2 ted bundy “The lady killer”

Criminal penalty: Death by electrocution
Span of crimes: February 1, 1974 – February 9, 1978
State(s): California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
Date apprehended: August 16, 1975 — Escaped Twice (1977 & 1978)
Victims: 30 confessed

Ted Bundy is one of the most conspicuous and broadly talked about sequential executioners ever. Beguiling, attractive, and malevolence deeply, he admitted to ruthlessly attacking and killing in any event 30 ladies in a few distinct states during the 1970s. Bundy’s family life was a muddled one. He was raised to accept that his natural mother was his sister, however he was not abused or disliked. On the narrative style program Snapped: Notorious Ted Bundy, it was uncovered that Bundy had taken blades from the kitchen and set them on the bed where his auntie was resting when he was only a little kid. Bundy additionally turned out to be profoundly inspired by fierce wrongdoing magazines that frequently delineated abhorrent pictures of killed women.Psychologist Al Carlisle stated, “[Bundy experienced] a great deal of sexual diminishing through the anecdotal stories.” Still, no one could have thought about how savage the youthful Bundy would grow up to be. On January 24, 1989, he was executed in the hot seat at Florida State Prison.

#3 John Wayne Gacy “Killer clown’

Criminal penalty: Death (12 counts; March 13, 1980)
Span of crimes: January 3, 1972–December 11, 1978
State(s): Illinois
Date apprehended: December 21, 1978
Victims: 33 +

John Wayne Gacy was Pogo the Clown by day and a heartless executioner around evening time. Gacy attacked, tormented, and killed in any event 33 youngsters and young men somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1978. A considerable lot of his casualties were helpless wanderers whom he would get from the boulevards. His vile executing binge at long last reached a conclusion when observes revealed he was the last individual to have seen the last casualty alive.When police showed up at his home in Cook County, Illinois, they saw a solid and foul smell. Coming back with a court order, it was found that the creep space under the property had been utilized as a dumping ground for the bodies, or what he would later call “a burial service parlor without a permit.” On May 10, 1994, Gacy’s last supper before his execution was a can of KFC seared chicken, French fries, twelve singed shrimp, and a pound of strawberries. Gacy’s inheritance has lived on as films and even works of art he made himself which created a serious ruckus when they went available to be purchased a few years prior. Most were bought and consumed.

#4 Dennis Rader “KILLER CLOWN’

Criminal penalty: 175 Years (10 life sentences)
Span of crimes: January 15, 1974 – January 19, 1991
State: Kansas
Date apprehended: February 25, 2005
Victims: 10

Dennis Lynn Rader (born March 9, 1945) is an American serial killer who murdered ten people in Sedgwick County, Kansas between 1974 and 1991. His first kill was the otero family of four – followed by the individual kills until his arrest.

He is also known as the BTK Killer or the BTK Strangler. “BTK” stands for “Bind, Torture, Kill”, which was his infamous signature. He sent letters describing the details of the murders to police and local news outlets before his arrest. After a decade-long hiatus, Rader resumed sending letters in 2004, leading to his 2005 arrest and subsequent guilty plea. He is currently serving ten consecutive life sentences at El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas.

#5 gary ridgeway “The greenriver killer”

Criminal penalty: life with-out possibility of parole
Span of crimes: 1982–1998 confirmed, but could be as recent as 2001
State: Washington, Oregon
Date apprehended: November 30, 2001
Victims: Convicted of 49, confessed to 71

Gary Leon Ridgway (conceived February 18, 1949), otherwise called the Green River Killer, is an American sequential executioner. He was at first indicted for 48 separate killings. As a feature of his request deal, another conviction was included, carrying the complete number of feelings to 49, making him the second most productive sequential executioner in United States history as indicated by affirmed murders. He killed numerous young ladies and ladies in the territory of Washington during the 1980s and 1990s.

A large portion of Ridgway’s casualties were asserted to be sex laborers and other ladies in helpless conditions, including underage wanderers. The press gave him his moniker after the initial five casualties were found in the Green River before his character was known. He choked his casualties, typically by hand yet in some cases utilizing ligatures. In the wake of choking them, he would dump their bodies in forested and congested territories in King County, regularly coming back to the bodies to have sex with them.

On November 30, 2001, as Ridgway was leaving the Kenworth truck production line where he worked in Renton, Washington, he was captured for the homicides of four ladies whose cases were connected to him through DNA evidence.[4] As a major aspect of a supplication deal wherein he consented to uncover the areas of as yet missing ladies, he was saved capital punishment and got a sentence of life detainment without the chance for further appeal.